the key phrase used to describe this school year.
More things have gone wrong than right, adventures turn into struggles and frustration is now running successfully through every one's veins.
I hope you're happy, sophomore year...for deliberately screwing some of us over. But we did learn from you. We learned what NOT to do next time, like get grades that aren't around human body temperature. We learned what we could get away with..and what we couldn't. We've learned to hate certain people...and come to love people we've hated. you brought out the worst of the seminary teachers, and definitely the best. you've given us new fun memories and happy moments to remember when you whip us with the sharpness of the world we live in. sophomore year, i don't know whether to say you sucked or you were one of the best.
i've lost alot, but gained the same and i'm pretty much back where i started last year.
let's just hope we can start over better next year. junior year we will do it right. next year, after trek and girl's camp and all that is over with..we'll start again only this time FOR REALS. no more ridiculous chemistry classes expecting us to teach ourselves, or asinine amounts of procrastination (alright, let's not kid ourselves..we're always going to procrastinate) but still. we're gonna start over, only this time doing it RIGHT. goshfrekkndangetAmotherofpoo! 
Next year, i'm gonna be 16 which means i'm gonna start dating. which means the amount of boy drama is going to spike. great. y'know, i dont want boy drama in my life. if i Do start dating, i'm only going to date real mature dudes. you know how hard it is to find mature guys in highschool? JUDAS PRIEST!! and plus, i don't want to be around jealousy, or weirdness from other people. i dont want to break up with anyone. but if i do start dating, im eventually going to have to break up with them because i know i meet isaac after highschool, and i dont wanna get hooked on a highschool boyfriend longer than highschool itself. cuz after graduation i am OUTTA HERE! also, i wanna learn how to drive...soon. and i want to hang out with gilbert at his new house this summer.  and i swear next year i will do better with my grades. i hate getting Ds, but in order to stop getting Ds i have to stop being a slacker. i will never again get a grade below a 70! FREKKN A!!!
and here we are back at the beginning.
well, these are my thoughts.
the next and and last four days of this year better go by quick cuz sophomore year...i am done with you.